Install the NewtGlider package, and atleast one house package. Houses can be selected from the Preferences in the i menu. Due to the screen size, NewtGlider must be run in landscape mode.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to move your glider. Tap a button to start moving, tap the X to stop. If you have battery, use it to go faster. Fire bands to kill enemies.

<< - battery left
< - move left
X - stop moving
>> - move right
> - battery right

Tap the bands box picture to fire a rubber band.

i Menu:
About - look at about box
Prefs - preferences, select house here
New Game - restart house a room 1
Instructions - look at instructions, much like these
Close - quit the game, in case the close button is hidden by something like ButtonBar

Delete the NewtGlider application. Houses are stored in the Extensions folder. Save files are stored in the Storage folder. Save files can be deleted at any time to reset the game for that house.

Check out to buy the full version and download more houses.

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Brian Parker